Month: March 2020

Invisalign: Your Secret Solution for a Straighter Smile

Periodontist in Halifax, NS

For many people, orthodontic treatment is a right-of-passage typically embarked upon somewhere between childhood and adolescence. However, for some older teens and adults, orthodontic care is just as necessary to creating a healthy, beautiful smile. While traditional braces are an effective option, a less aesthetically noticeable solution may be desired by many older patients. Thankfully, […]

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Your Next Dental Appointment

Periodontist in Halifax, NS

At Altima Dental, we understand that, unfortunately, many patients don’t look forward to their upcoming dental appointments. For some, dental care is something that feels more like a chore than an opportunity to ensure great oral health. Luckily, Altima patients know that when they visit any of our offices, they’ll be experiencing some of the […]