Four Simple Tips to Alleviate Dental Anxiety

Halifax Periodontics

If you sometimes feel anxious about seeing the dentist, you are not alone. In fact, some of the most universally shared concerns shared by patients of all ages include:


  • Nervousness about certain dental tools
  • Apprehension about possible discomfort before and after treatment
  • Embarrassment about the condition of teeth and gums
  • Uncertainty about sedation


However, our dental team is here to make sure your visits are comfortable and as stress-free for you as possible. At every visit, we are dedicated to creating an environment you look forward to visiting. We want to facilitate a high level of trust between you and our practice. Here are six helpful tips to help you overcome your dental appointment distress:


  1. Share your concerns with us. Our dentists and hygienists are more than happy to answer all your treatment questions and address any specific sources of anxiety. Before beginning treatment, we will take time to describe exactly what to expect during your appointment and make every possible effort to ensure your experience is a positive one. 


Our number one priority is always to deliver compassionate care for your healthiest smile. If at any point you do begin to feel uncomfortable, let us know and our team will adjust as necessary.


  1. Tune out during treatment. Sometimes simply using headphones to drown out the sounds

associated with routine dental care can minimize the stress that many patients experience. Listening to a favorite song instead of the sound of dental instruments can significantly lower anxiety levels and help you relax during your treatment. Ask our dental office about trying this technique at your next appointment. 


  1. Arrive at your appointment early. Simply giving yourself time to become familiar with your

surroundings can often improve stress management and calm frayed nerves. We welcome you to get comfortable in our lobby and chat with our team while preparing for your appointment


  1. Inquire about sedation dentistry. For especially anxious patients, our dentists will sometimes recommend a form of sedation to induce relaxation and ease fears. There is a wide variety of sedation options available and you can talk to our dental team about whether any of these options are right for you. We will discuss the benefits and potential drawbacks of each to be sure you feel confident in your decision. 


Don’t allow nerves to keep you from accessing the quality dental care you deserve. If anxiety over your dental care has been keeping you from getting the regular care you need, simply avoiding dental appointments is not the solution. Routine cleanings, screenings, and exams can intercept problems and keep your oral and overall health in top shape, protecting you from further complications down the road. 


Talk to our office about these and other coping strategies to put treatment anxiety behind you once and for all.