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Studies have shown that once you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease you will always be prone to recurrence. It is not a disease that is “cured” per se. Rather it is the type of disease that can be managed – with proper care. Research has also shown that frequent regular maintenance therapy after stability is achieved is paramount to success in preventing recurrence of periodontal disease and the need for more surgical therapy.

When you have periodontal disease, you will require more than a “regular cleaning” and usually more than the standard “twice per year”. You will need very detailed and comprehensive scaling and root planing that is best provided to you in a periodontal setting. Any early changes in your disease profile is picked up and treated in it’s early stages.

At home, brushing is recommended for at least two minutes, at least twice a day. Flossing is recommended at least once a day. Other oral health care aids and products are available today to help maintain your oral health.

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