Pinhole Gum Grafting

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Pinhole Gum Grafting in Halifax, NS

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Introducing a breakthrough treatment for patients experiencing gum recession! The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a minimally invasive procedure and offers patients an incision and suture-free option. All the tools and techniques used to perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique were created by Dr. John Chao.

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. This can occur as a result of periodontal disease, the natural ageing process, or habits when it comes to brushing teeth.

Why should gum recession be taken seriously?

When gum recession occurs, the tooth’s attachment starts to loosen. This means that the root structure of the tooth is exposed. This can lead to tooth decay and other problems to affect the teeth along the gumline and beneath it. Healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, so having gum recession treated is important for lasting dental wellness.

What is the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

This technique is a minimally invasive alternative to treating gingival recession. This technique begins by creating a pinhole in the gum tissue that is receding. Once the pinhole has been created, a device is placed into the hole. This device peels and stretches the gum into a healthier and more suitable position on the tooth – the gums are then brought downward. Once the gum tissue is in the desired position, a dentist inserts collagen strips into the pinhole in the gums. These strips keep the gums in place in a much more minimally invasive way and help to create new tissue that will ultimately secure the gums in their new location.

How is Pinhole Surgical Technique performed?

A needle is used to make a small hole in the patient’s existing gum tissue. Through this pinhole, special instruments are used to gently loosen, expand, and slide the gumline to cover the exposed root structure.

What’s the key to this procedure?

The key to The Pinhole Surgical Technique is that a gum graft doesn’t need to be performed. We go through a pinhole that is made by a needle – no scalpel or cutting at all. From there, we can shift the tissue down with very little trauma to the tissue. It’s so minimally invasive; nothing could be more non-invasive in dentistry than this. The tiny pinhole that’s been made shrinks away by the next day.

Advantages of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

One of the big reasons many people are starting to opt for the Pinhole Surgical Technique over traditional methods is because this technique can address multiple locations in one session. Grafting, on the other hand, requires multiple sessions if multiple teeth are affected by gingival recession. The Pinhole Surgical Technique allows a patient to have their full mouth treated at once which saves them time and money in the long run. Another advantage to the Pinhole Surgical Technique is that the healing process is shorter than the more traditional methods for treating this dental issue.

What are the benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

  • Less discomfort for the patient after treatment
  • Faster recovery for the patient than traditional grafting
  • No need for uncomfortable sutures
  • No need for scalpels or invasive surgical tools
  • No need to take donor tissue from the patient’s palate

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or call (902) 406-4867

(902) 406-4867

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